“Hyperbaric has really helped with my anxiety. My progress has been really exciting. With my anxiety lifted, I feel like there’s a whole new layer of happiness I can access. It’s also helped a lot with stress. I’ve had past head injuries too and it’s been a huge help in getting rid of the inflammation. This would be great for anyone who’s had any sort of injury.”  -J.S.

“It’s this simple:  hyperbaric oxygen treatments saved me.  I was seventy-four years old, suddenly stricken with debilitating pain for which even a prescription painkiller was useless.  I became inactive, dysfunctional, weak; in short, desperate.   A test for Lyme came back positive, and an MRI showed spinal stenosis.   I started the oxygen treatments, a therapy I wasn’t familiar with. For the first time in five months, I began to feel myself returning, passing one milestone, then another.  I’m still smiling.”

anjanette ptsd

“Hyperbaric Oxygen has been a life saver for me. After some very hard years of field work and exposure to pollutants, I was suffering with PTSD flare ups, chronic pain and breathing constriction. Sticking to a dedicated routine of treatments has improved my health dramatically. In fact not only has it helped my major symptoms but other things I didn’t anticipate improved too! Some days I crave the oxygen treatment, and when I get in the chamber and take that first inhale, it’s so relaxing. Highly recommend to start any time dealing with dis-ease but certainly as a preventative too. The dedicated staff at Hyperbaric Vermont works hard to get grants and funding to make these treatments affordable. Often extremely expensive, Hyperbaric Vermont has made these treatments affordable and for that I am grateful.” -A.D.

patient uses hyperbaric oxygen for dementia recovery


“My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three and a half years ago.  Six months after the diagnosis, my daughter and I began an alternate protocol, giving him saunas and herbal supplements.  Last fall he started taking Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments.  He has gradually become clearer and more able to focus.  His memory has improved also.  All of us have noticed the improvement.” -R. P.



Scott has used HBOT as a support for cancer treatmentsWe’ve received an astounding update from the patient seen here, who first came to Hyperbaric Vermont in November of 2020. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer in August of 2019. After purchasing a chamber for his home in December of 2020 and using it regularly, he’s showing great improvement.

“My CT scan after a month of using the hyperbaric chamber was promising. Nodules in my lungs shrunk by 1mm each. Next scan is in 6 months. Thanks again, Hyperbaric Vermont, for all your help!”- S.R.




Talia has used HBOT to treat Lyme Disease
Talia has been struggling with Lyme disease for several years, and has been treating at Hyperbaric Vermont for the past eight months. She deals with chronic fatigue, and has seen an incredible improvement through HBOT.
“If you have Lyme Disease, like me, you know that a diagnosis is the beginning of a long journey. There is so much information and misinformation out there, making the world of Lyme difficult to navigate when you already don’t feel well. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been a tremendous part of my healing; I have noticed a significant improvement in physical symptoms, including brain fog, fatigue, headaches and dizziness. The staff at Hyperbaric Vermont are knowledgeable, flexible, and continuously provide reassurance that healing Lyme is possible. Hyperbaric Vermont has felt like a home base, a safe place to rest and heal.” -T.C.

Robin has used HBOT to recover from TBIMy name is Robin Cornell. On January 9, 2015, I tripped, hit my head, and found my life changed significantly. It took me three months to admit to myself this profound fatigue, confusion, and incapacity to function in my daily life and work was NOT going to simply resolve itself soon. Two and a half years later I am still recovering.

While I have and do receive many modes of treatment that have been very beneficial for me, I have found that the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has significantly boosted my recovery. My experience is that it accelerates a clarity of mind, a calming of my nervous system, and I believe enhances my stamina throughout the day.

Because of how much this treatment has helped me to be more functional in my everyday life and increased my capacity to work, I want others to know about this beneficial treatment. This is not just effective for TBI, but for a wide range of health concerns. It is non-invasive, safe, and relatively inexpensive for chronic conditions. This is an invitation to be educated in its use and potential for your patients and/or clients that might benefit from it.

I know I have benefited from my treatment. While I am still symptomatic and still have to manage my time and environment; my capacity to engage in and enjoy my life has increased exponentially and I now feel I hold the option of a full “recovery” as a possibility.

Mary Anne has MS and after treating with HBOT is now able to walk without a walkerHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works for Multiple Sclerosis patients by repairing the wounds to the nerve fibers and reducing inflammation. MS patients saw benefits from HBOT including increased mobility, diminished fatigue, and improved equilibrium and coordination.

A recent patient of ours with MS began her treatment with limited mobility, using a wheel chair, and had lost most of her independence. After using HBOT regularly, she was able to regain her mobility, and eventually moved out of a care facility and back home. She purchased an HBOT chamber for her home, which she uses 6 days a week at home. She now walks around her home without a walker.

“I have had MS for close to 30 years now. I am writing this to tell anyone with MS to give HBOT a try. It is quite amazingly true, HBOT works! I am getting my life back and so can you. 2 1/2 yrs ago they diagnosed me with progressive MS, the most severe kind, and nothing anyone wants to hear. I was in a wheelchair, unable to walk or drive; my feet were numb and I was starting to have difficulty swallowing due to MS. After the 1st treatment I had the feeling back in my feet. As time went by I was having improvements, after 40 treatments the improvements became steady. I am, thankfully, no longer in a wheelchair and can walk short distances without any assistance. My goal is to be totally independent, which I know will come some day soon.” -M.A.

young patient and his mother use HBOT to recover from Lyme and Morgellan'sOtis and his mom are using HBOT to treat Lyme and Morgellan’s Disease. “This round of 10 treatments has helped Otis’ lingering skin symptoms disappear completely. His breathing at night has been better as well. I really think that HBOT has been the push his immune system needed to really get the upper hand on his overall health.” -K.R.

When asked how he feels about HBOT, Otis says, “Going to HBOT is like getting in your own spaceship and blasting off to space! You can feel it in your ears when you are going up, but you just take sips of water and it feels fine again. I love reading books in the spaceship with my mommy.” -O.R

“Within a few months of treatment, hyperbaric oxygen has helped relieve the pressure in my head and my vision issues from my TBI.  It has also helped my overall joint and body pain from my Lyme.” – Jessica M.

“In November 2013, I had a knee replacement in Florida. A month later I was diagnosed with dementia, probably the result of anesthesia. Dr. Grace Johnstone recommended mild oxygen therapy to me and after only 3 visits in the hyperbaric chamber, my family noticed I was much clearer mentally. I continued with 27 more treatments and found that it also helped my spinal stenosis (apparently I stopped complaining of pain every time we traveled over bumps). I now am very much in control of all my faculties and enjoying everyday activities.”

-Andre M. 


Read an article about our founder, president and staff doctor about her healing journey with Lyme and HBOT: WCAX Article featuring Grace Johnstone, DC from March 2018