Dear Healthcare Providers, Colleagues, and Supporters,

My name is Robin Cornell. On January 9, 2015, I tripped, hit my head, and found my life changed significantly. It took me three months to admit to myself this profound fatigue, confusion, and incapacity to function in my daily life and work was NOT going to simply resolve itself soon. Two and a half years later I am still recovering.

I am writing you to invite you to a presentation that Dr. Grace Johnstone is giving in Montpelier at the Community Hyperbaric Center. While I have and do receive many modes of treatment that have been very beneficial for me, I have found that the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has significantly boosted my recovery. My experience is that it accelerates a clarity of mind, a calming of my nervous system, and I believe enhances my stamina throughout the day.

Because of how much this treatment has helped me to be more functional in my everyday life and increased my capacity to work, I want others to know about this beneficial treatment. This is not just effective for TBI, but for a wide range of health concerns. It is non-invasive, safe, and relatively inexpensive for chronic conditions. This is an invitation to be educated in its use and potential for your patients and/or clients that might benefit from it.

I know I have benefited from my treatment. While I am still symptomatic and still have to manage my time and environment; my capacity to engage in and enjoy my life has increased exponentially and I now feel I hold the option of a full “recovery” as a possibility.


My name is Mary Anne, and I have had MS for close to 30 years now. I am writing this to tell anyone out there with MS to give Hyperbaric a try. It is hard to believe, but quite amazingly true, HBOT works! I am getting my life back and so can you.

Two and a half years ago they had diagnosed me with progressive MS, the most severe kind of MS and nothing anyone wants to hear. At the time I was in a wheelchair, dependent on 1 or 2 people to get me into and out of the wheelchair. I was not able to walk or drive; my feet were numb all the time and I was starting to have a great deal of difficulty swallowing (choking a lot) due to MS.

I had my first hyperbaric treatment two years ago. After the first treatment I had the feeling back in my feet. I started going to Community Hyperbaric three times a week for an hour each time. As time went by I was having improvements, like being able to stand and take a step or two. After 40 treatments (1 hour each) the improvements became steady and I was able to reduce my time to ½ hour a day, taking Sundays off.


“Within a few months of treatment, hyperbaric oxygen has helped relieve the pressure in my head and my vision issues from my TBI.  It has also helped my overall joint and body pain from my Lyme.” – Jessica M.


March 2018

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