Not All Wounds Are Visible

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Not All Wounds are Visible…

As Memorial Day ushers in summer, it’s also a time of remembrance for those who’ve fought to protect our country, and those who’ve fallen doing so. While the focus of Memorial day is on those that have died in the service of our country it is hard to forget that there are many veterans and service personnel living everyday with the trauma of war. June is PTSD awareness month and is a condition becoming more common amongst servicemen and women that can be debilitating as they attempt to reintegrate into life after their service. HBOT is an incredibly effective treatment for PTSD, as these studies show 30-90% of symptoms improved in participants:

The physicians and researchers showed that with 4 weeks of treatment using a low dose of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a treatment used for nearly 100 years in divers and 50 years for wounds, they were able to treat these wounds in the brains of injured U.S. servicemen. Specifically, the veterans achieved improvements in memory, concentration, executive function, and quality of life, and a reduction in headaches, concussion symptoms, depression, and anxiety…Surprisingly, the veterans showed a 30% reduction in PTSD symptoms. While the study did not include a control group, the magnitude of the improvement measured was striking and never before reported in the medical literature. Equally importantly, in both the case reports and the LSU pilot study there were no significant side effects to the treatment. 

While not a veteran, we have a story about one of our patients that is healing from PTSD featured on our testimonial page.

Hyperbaric Vermont would like to say “Thank You”  to all those that have served. We would be honored to assist you in your healing process and are committed to making it affordable and accessible to you.