Hyperbaric Vermont would like to thank over 75 donors, supporters and affiliates for supporting our nonprofit since its founding in 2017! Please consider chipping in as we head in to 2021 so we can make this our best year yet for providing affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy and education for all.

Meet Our Fantastic Donors:

Thank you to Robert Fleming & Jane Howe Patrick Foundation Inc. and Newtowne Hyperbarics for their generous support of our Wheelchair Accessible Chamber campaign.


Our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of the Peter Backman and Annie Christopher Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation.

Thank you to the following businesses sponsors for their generous support:















American Discount Medical

We greatly appreciate our Individual and Business Donors:

ADM Medical Supply – Tom and James Ruf

Alexis Chesney

Aly McHugh

Andy Robinson

Annalei Babson

Anne Johnstone

Anonymous Donors

Armstrong Robert

Art Bell

Barbara Jordan

Barbara Levan

Barrie Montross

Becky Roy

Ben Delorme

Bill Barrette

Blue Skies Hyperbaric

Brain Injury Assoc. VT

Charles Tipper

Christine Graham

Christine Peal

Christopher Johnstone

Community Hyperbaric

Concept 2

Cynthia Hennard

Deborah Schick

Douglas and Peggy Johnstone

Doyle Huff

Dr. Anne Van Couvering

Dr. Suzy Harris

Dylan Woodrow

Elizabeth Baum and Bill Berman

Fidelity Charitable

The Patrick Foundation

Gentile Hyperbaric

Gerette Buglion

Gloria Nailor

Gordon Dewey

Grace Johnstone

Gretchen VanBacker

GrassRoots Functional Medicine

Green Mountain Hyperbaric

Greg Foley

Gwen Kinney

Helen Beattie

Hilary Conley

Ivy Liepman

James Koehneke

James Ruf

Jan Strickland

Jena Guenther and Bob Stuhlman

John and Mary Abele

John and Mimi Haley

John McClaughry

Judy Geer and Dick Dreisigakker

Katharine Greenwalt

Kathleen Hentcy and Willa Farrell

Katharine Scribner

Kelly Hunter

Laurie Seeman

Linda Antonowicz

Linda Ducrot

Linda Ramsdell

Lindsey Warren

Linnea Noyes

Lori Cantin

Lynn and Alan Opp

Lynn Vera

Lyonel Tracy

MacDragon Web – David Brizendine

Mark E Woodard

Mary Phelps

Mary and Wayne Young

Niels and Doris Larsen

Pathways to Wellbeing

Patrick Larsen

Patty and Steve Meyer

Paul Bruhn

Peace Baxter

Robin Cornell

Reuben DeLorme

Ruifeng Chen

Sally Lonegren

Shona Reiter

Snow Wakeman

Steve Cothalis

Stuart and Catherine Johnstone

Stuart Close

Susan Houston

Summit to Sea

The Pleasants Fund

The Wisdom Connection

Tracey Phelps

Trish Alley

University of Vermont

Wallace Tapia – Tapia and Huckabay P.C.

Will Weir