Can I treat at Hyperbaric Vermont during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes,  We are providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to patients who are not symptomatic or COVID-19 positive, and welcome Long-Haul COVID patients who continue to suffer with the after effects of this infection.  Early research and clinical findings indicate that hyperbaric is both safe and effective in treating COVID-19 and Long COVID.


What measures are you taking to ensure safety?

Your health and welfare is of the highest priority to us. We are taking all prudent measures to prevent transmission of the virus as part of our responsibility to our patients, staff, and the community at large. We are regularly sanitizing doorknobs, equipment and other surfaces and support you to wash your hands regularly to minimize the spread of contagion. Each patient uses their own mask/face paper and the hyperbaric equipment is perfused with high levels of oxygen, which are a natural anti-microbial and antiviral.

We ask that our patients adhere to the following when they come in for treatment:
  • Masks are required. Please let us know if a medical conditions precludes you from using a mask, and we will make accommodations for safe treatment.
  • Cover your cough/sneeze, wash hands, use sanitizer.
  • Please stay home and call your primary care provider if you are symptomatic of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath).


Will oxygen therapy help you if you had Covid-19?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is one of the safest medical treatments available and more than 30,000 research studies support its use for a wide array of health conditions HBOT involves breathing oxygen in a pressurized chamber. HBOT can be effective in treating resistant infections such as Lyme disease and mold, brain injuries and concussions, cognitive decline, non-healing wounds and inflammatory conditions ranging from arthritis to ulcerative colitis.

For more about HBOT and Covid-19:

In addition to being a potent virucidal, HBOT is a good treatment for Covid patients, and here’s why: Covid-19 creates inflammation in the lung itself, preventing O2 from reaching the bloodstream and resulting in organ hypoxia and, in some cases, organ failure. Mechanical ventilation forces air/oxygen into the lungs, but it is not particularly effective at forcing O2 into the bloodstream. Mechanical ventilation is marginal at resolving the hypoxia it seeks to treat and forced ventilation causes further stress to the lungs. The mortality rate among ventilated patients is 50%. The increased pressure that a hyperbaric oxygen chamber produces oxygenates the fluid of the body directly, without relying on the blood supply. This relieves organ hypoxia much more quickly than ventilation, without stressing lung tissue. Because high levels of O2 are a potent anti-inflammatory, HBOT also addresses the inflammation in the lungs themselves, which is what is preventing oxygen from reaching the bloodstream in the first place. HBOT also reduces coagulation factors and pro-inflammatory cytokines, effectively addressing the increased clotting and cytokine storm that Covid can create. Dr. Paul Harch notes that in addition to lowering the mortality rate, HBOT averts mechanical ventilation of patients and shortens hospital stays.


We appreciate the commitment of our employees and the support of our community. If there is any silver lining so far, it’s that we have more opportunity to respectfully support each other in meeting our individual and collective needs. We look forward to seeing you, and encourage you to stay well and remain calm.