Hyperbaric Vermont;

changing lives through hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Welcome to Hyperbaric Vermont! Our mission is to make HBOT accessible and affordable for those who can benefit from it. We do this by providing services directly at our treatment facilities, and by supporting other physicians/organizations with a similar vision to do so through our affiliated treatment centers. Hyperbaric Vermont offers education to the public and to physicians and outreach to community and health care organizations about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). We provide training, support and resources to affiliated and independently owned treatment centers and physicians.

HBOT offers hope to people with many conditions for which standard medical treatment has little to offer, and is rarely covered by insurance in the U.S. Our fee structure is designed to make treatment affordable for most, and to provide care on a sliding scale for those who cannot otherwise afford it. We work collaboratively with other providers to assist our patients and, where possible, will provide information and support for ancillary treatments and resources for the various conditions that our treating patients are contending with.

Through our Affiliated Providers Program, we offer physician and staff training, technical support, and inclusion in our electronic outreach and marketing to independent providers who complete our certification program, agree to provide care consistent with Hyperbaric Vermont’s recommended procedures, and utilize our fee schedule. Through these affiliates and its own treatment facilities, Hyperbaric Vermont supports the provision of high quality, affordable HBOT at locations throughout Vermont and other areas and serves as a model for those who wish to do so in other regions.


Hyperbaric Vermont is a 501(c)(3) non – profit with a mission to make affordable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy available throughout Vermont and it’s neighboring environs, educate the public and physicians about the benefits of HBOT, and to be a model for others to do so in other locations.

Intake/First Visit Forms

Please print, complete, sign, and mail or bring this Intake and HIPAA form to us for your first appointment.