Certified in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. Grace Johnstone is the founder and President of Hyperbaric Vermont. Grace practices at Hardwick Chiropractic and teaches chiropractic worldwide for BioGeometric Integration Seminars.

Grace came to hyperbaric medicine through her experience with Lyme Disease which resulted in meningitis and radiculoneuritis. From being completely incapacitated, hyperbaric oxygen therapy brought her back to the chiropractic practice she loves, the active lifestyle she enjoys, and the energy and determination to share this powerful healing modality with others. She is committed to educating people about hyperbaric and to creating the network and facilities that will allow others to get the treatment they need.

Grace graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a degree in Social Thought and Political Economy, received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri, and has continued post-doctoral studies in chiropractic, osteopathy and hyperbaric medicine.  She also has the best of intentions to continue learning to speak Spanish, Norwegian, and to play the bagpipes.


Jean ‘Jena’ Guenther is passionate about how all elements are a part of greater, evolving and interconnected wholes. Whether it be the woods, a garden, a family, social and political change-making groups, physics and psychology, health care networks or the simultaneous emergence of new ideas and services, Jena is fascinated by how systems function and takes a holistic approach to understanding the world. She is especially drawn to those systems or groups that reduce suffering and make it possible for people to live life authentically and fully, and give their unique gifts in the world.

Jean works as a spiritual psychology consultant at the Vermont Center for Psychosynthesis in Burlington, which she founded in 1974. She is the initiating founder and group gatherer of The Lake Champlain Waldorf School (1983) in Shelburne, VT and The North  American Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (1995). Both non-profits continue to support conscious evolution.

Grateful for the return of her cognitive and physical health in 2016, largely as a result of Hyperbaric Therapy, Jean is eager to help establish this service for people who need it.  Jean happily lives in Burlington with her garden, her mate, and close to her grandchildren.


Brie Hoblin worked full time in the software industry as a Quality Assurance engineer for years before suffering a traumatic brain injury. She enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, sailing, and yoga, and was adventurous enough to take on the task of training a giant rescue mule.

After her injury, Brie spent a few years struggling to process the sounds and sights of everyday life. She had difficulty driving, concentrating, and regulating her emotions. Level surfaces looked like they swooped up, faces wouldn’t come into focus, and software no longer made sense.

Fortunately, Brie was able to attend the Vermont TBI conference where she met Dr. Grace Johnstone and learned about hyperbaric oxygen. Now after nine months of regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Brie has found her way back to both software and horseback riding. She is currently serving as the Secretary for the Board of Directors for Hyperbaric Vermont.

Brie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Website Development & Management from Champlain College, and is also certified as an herbalist and reiki practitioner. When Brie is not working (or resting) she enjoys her small flock of chickens and taking her Poodle for short hikes. She also studies Russian, and is always in pursuit of the perfect gluten-free cookie. She currently resides in Cambridge, Vermont.